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We carry with us the very 1st proof of inequality:our fingers. Our fingers are not equal yet you and I have not had surgery done to make them more equal. By default they never will be and for good reasons too-that interchangeably they complement one another other; yet with each its function! Life isn't about the richest, the poorest, the most brilliant, most beautiful, the latest, what name, the brand, who is right, who got where 1st, who has what or not. Life is all about:Making room for the other person so that they too can feel dignified! Notice I did not say making room for the other when you are full or comfortable.Just be conscious and be ready to make room for others that is where our humanity and its dignity lies.
The (Sustainable Development Goals) SDGs is the newer opportunity of today for us all to renegotiate our humanity! Why leave any one behind! The greatest thing Africa needs right now is not mor…

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