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As Nigerians Why we must stop playing politics.

I think we live in denial in Nigeria.
1. We simply believe having faith is enough to build our nation into our desired end. But we must speak truth to ourselves. We are not one nation, we hardly agree on anything as one bloc even the constitution doesn't seem to bind us as one. We must rise up quickly and self critic What we stand for, and what we want as a nation, where are we heading? What must we do to truly be on the part of unity and sustainable growth. Unless we are denial we know there is a high level of mistrust among the regions and people in general.  2. I don't know of anyone sector that we can truly say is thriving based on systems and processes and we have self serving representatives that have lost all nerves of human compassion that they can not feel what the masses are feeling! Who are the role models to the youth? And who is a role model in our society of today! The level of greed now on display is humanly unfathomable! We impoverish our own people stifle their…

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