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The Nigerian Youth ! Here is a better Declaration

The Youth are  simply powerful, but a person or group can only wield that power and achieve maximum impact if they know they possess it. In 2010, feeling youthful ,as I was then a postgraduate student, I joined the students tuition fee demonstrations in the UK for solidarity.  It was totally wrong and a breach of trust for Nick Clegg the then Deputy Prime Minister in the newly formed coalition government, to rescind on a major campaign promise his party the Liberal Democrats made to the students: to scrap tuition fees if elected.  Yes the coalition got their way in the end; raising tuition  fees and cutting state grant for university teaching, and yes the coalition government came to an end  but the Liberal Democrats and Nick Clegg in particular will then suffer the consequences of that breached promise, as future outcomes  of their impact at the polls later showed. In the just concluded June 8 2017 UK gen…

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